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February 2006


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This is the winter edition of our e-zine, a periodic newsletter to provide information on personnel issues to employers in the nonprofit sector. I hope you find this edition's article informative and useful.

Rebecca L. Worters

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Conventional Thinking About Nonprofits Upturned

Anyone working in the nonprofit sector, including board members, should be aware of two recently published resources that upturn conventional thinking about nonprofits.

1. Jim Collins published A Monograph to Accompany Good to Great:  Why Business Thinking is not the Answer, Good to Great and the Social Sectors.  Business people and nonprofit executives who are familiar with Collinsí book Good to Great will benefit from Collinsí understanding of the differences between the business sector and the social sector.  This book is the answer to those who say that nonprofits should become "more like a business."  Think again, says Jim.


2. The Annie E. Casey Foundation, in conjunction with community partners, published a study that reveals a stunning statistic.  By 2007, 85% of nonprofit executives plan to leave their current positions, with many of those executives heading for retirement.  The ramifications for the nonprofit sector are unprecedented.  Long-tenured Executive Directors and Founders who have kept their nonprofits alive with sheer force of will coupled with long hours will step down.  The next generation is fewer in number, leaving the survival of many nonprofits in question. 

Click here to view the reportís executive summary, which is reprinted with permission from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

I want to be in dialogue with you.  Tell me what you think about these resources or anything else thatís on your mind.  

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Rebecca L. Worters


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