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Rebecca L. Worters

Eight Tips for Wooing Candidates
By Rebecca L. Worters, President of Capability Company

The best candidates are not looking for you, you are looking for them.


When you start your search for an Executive Director, Fundraising Professional, Chief Financial Officer, Public Relations or Marketing Director you might think about who will be lucky enough to land the position with your organization.


Instead, nonprofits should be thinking about being lucky enough to land the right person for the position.  It’s unconventional thinking in the sector and nonprofit board members and professionals need to do it more.  It could mean a big difference in the quality of the candidate hired, especially in times of a tight market for employers.


In a search for a nonprofit executive, the attitude of the hiring body is one of the biggest factors in determining the outcome of the search.   Here are eight tips to get your best candidates to fall in love with your organization:


1.  Be a good place to work (benefits, salary, support, board involvement, fun, flexible). Before you start hiring, check over your benefits and be clear about what type of compensation and benefits package you can offer your ideal candidate.  Many younger employees are looking for places to work that allow them to balance work-life with home-life.  Do you offer flexibility in terms of work hours?  Is your workplace a fun place to be?   A little levity can compensate for long hours and lack of resources that many nonprofit employees face.  Also, what support does upper management and board members supply?  If the facilities and office are nice, point it out to potential candidates.  Offer information about opportunities for advancement or career growth and development, if those exist (and hopefully they do!).


2.  Know what you want.  Define what you want in an employee.  What skills will this person need?  What work-style is preferable?  Go so far as to list character traits that you believe would fit in with the culture of your organization.  The more specific you get, the more quickly you’ll know when you’ve found the right person. 


3.  Write an enticing advertisement.  If you publish a list of duties and requirements, don’t expect candidates to come running.  When you are writing a position profile ask yourself, “What is so great about our organization and this opportunity that a talented professional would leave his or her job and come to work with us?”  If you can answer that question, you’ll create a position profile that will create a broad pool of applicants.


To see the remaining five tips for wooing candidates, click here.


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Seeking an Exceptional Executive Director


The National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) is dedicated to the advancement of photojournalism, its creation, editing and distribution, in all news media.  


With a current membership of nearly 10,000 representing major newspapers, magazines, television stations, freelancers, and an international competition that drew approximately 60,000 entries in 2006, the NPPA is poised to grow.


NPPA is seeking an Executive Director who will be essential to the continued professionalization of NPPA as an association that has relied heavily on volunteers for most of its existence.


NPPA has retained Capability Company, an executive search firm serving nonprofit organizations, to conduct this search.  For the complete position profile and for more information about how to apply, click here.

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