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April is National Poetry Month




Dear Friend,


Back in high school and college I wrote poetry and brooded a lot.  Fortunately, I'm no longer brooding, but now is my big chance to dust off the quill and ink and write a poem about nonprofit interviews for National Poetry Month.


All the best,


Rebecca L. Worters 




The Nonprofit Interview


Shake hands

Shake in your boots


"Yes, I've always been interested

In the origin of fruits,"


You say to the botanical garden director.

He gives you the "I doubt it" look.


He says, "Our board here is very involved,

When raising funds they're even evolved."


You give him the "yeah right" look.


You will learn about bees making honey,

He'll learn to help the garden raise money.


It's a deal.  Shake.


The moral of the poem?  Don't assume someone who doesn't know your mission inside and out can't help you.  In fact, that person can teach you valuable information you need to know to further your mission.



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