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Rebecca L. Worters

What's New at Capability Company?
By Rebecca L. Worters, President of Capability Company

The most important thing a nonprofit can do is to hire and keep the best people.  Do you agree?  Visit our new blog and register your opinion. 


Capability Company News Flashes


We've deepened our partnership with, a full-service job board for nonprofit organizations.  We will soon be offering do-it-yourself resources for nonprofits that want to learn to hire effectively and efficiently.  This information will be presented as an eBook and as a series of Webinars.


We have a new no-cost resource, the How to Hire Workbook for nonprofits.  This 20-page workbook is packed with some of our best tips on hiring.  And it's available for immediate download at our website,


And speaking of our website, both Capability Company and have launched new websites.  I encourage you to visit us -- not only for the priceless How to Hire Workbook for nonprofits but for other great resources on our Free Stuff page that you can use with your nonprofit organizations.


If you have a position open, no matter what level, you can post it at  Our goal is to become your nonprofit hiring resource center and we'd welcome your suggestions to that end.  We value your feedback!



Capability Company helps nonprofits hire intelligently through: 

1.  Search services such as screening, development of a position profile and reference checking 
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2.  Recruiting services to help you find the right candidates 
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3.  Information about how to hire right the first time 
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To learn more about these services, click here. 
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4.  Highly targeted job board focused on meeting the needs of nonprofit employers.  Visit to find out more. 

American Humanics is a national alliance of colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations dedicated to educating, preparing, and certifying professionals to strengthen and lead nonprofit organizations. 

Capability Company and have partnered with the American Humanics Initiative for Nonprofit Sector Careers and we invite you to learn more about it here.


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