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Can we talk?  We’ve recently started a blog (yes, the ubiquitous, ambiguous blog) because we want to converse with you about what’s ahead for the nonprofit sector in the area of leadership. 


As Capability Company deepens its partnership with Nonprofit Oyster, a reasonably-priced job board for nonprofits, we want to expand our offerings to include resources that can help you people your organization with the best and the brightest.


So what do you need?  It could be support, motivation, discussion, debate--or more tangible things like salary information, search service, job posting, resume search and recruiting.


What’s your opinion?  What is the most pressing need for you and other nonprofits as the baby boomers start retiring? 


Jim Collins, author of Good to Great says the first thing effective leaders do is “get the right people on the bus.”  Without the right people on the bus, the bus goes in the wrong direction.  Do you believe it?


On the blog you’ll find a few threads of discussion about these subjects.  We hope you’ll take the time to read and post your opinions.


All the best,


Rebecca L. Worters


Leaders Needed As Nonprofit Sector Grows


Capability Company president Rebecca Worters was quoted in a recent Philanthropy Journal article that discusses the growing need for skilled leaders in the nonprofit sector and the growth of professional training geared specifically to that sector. 


To read the article, click here is the premier online career center serving the nonprofit sector. 


Jobseekers can create and display an anonymous profile for no cost.  It's the largest and most comprehensive bank of nonprofit professionals anywhere.


Nonprofit employers can post their positions and look through a bank of more than 2,000 candidates, finding only those that meet their criteria.  It's an excellent recruiting tool. 

American Humanics is a national alliance of colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations dedicated to educating, preparing, and certifying professionals to strengthen and lead nonprofit organizations. 

Capability Company and have partnered with the American Humanics Initiative for Nonprofit Sector Careers and we invite you to learn more about it here.

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