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A Message from our President

December 2014

Dear Colleague,

Two things have become clear to me this year: first, we all receive way too many emails (even from organizations and people we adore); and second, we all love perks. My end-of-year plan is to address both of these issues and give you something good to start your new year.

First - Email Clutter

I pledge to keep my ezine helpful, interesting, and relevant as we move into 2015, but will reduce your inbox chaos by sending it seasonally, rather than monthly. The calendar, resources, and active searches will continue to be up-to-date on my website. And, if a new search begins, we will reach out to you with a separate message.

Did you receive the email a couple of weeks ago about our latest project, helping Randolph County Partnership for Children in their search for a new Executive Director? If not, let us know so we can be sure to get you on that list.

I hope this new ezine schedule frees up some space and time for you, but still provides a good connection to us. As always, feel free to contact us anytime.

Second - Let's talk about Perks

Job perks are wonderful gems gifted to us by our employers. An online search turned up two definitions:

  1. "an advantage or benefit following from a job or situation"
  2. "to make someone or something more cheerful, lively, or interesting"

The first is the traditional one that comes to mind when considering work pluses, but the second is relevant as well. Perks are nice to have AND make us feel good about our jobs. Who doesn't love that?

Perks come in all shapes and sizes; some are pricey to administer and designed the same for everyone, while others are low-cost (or even free!) and tailored to each individual. We all know about the big companies that offer subsidized child care, on-site health clinics, unlimited fitness gyms, and gourmet cafeterias, but what about the rest of us? Send us your answer to in this 1-question survey:

What does your company or organization offer as an official or unofficial benefit or advantage that makes your workplace more cheerful or interesting? M&M's in the break room? Potluck lunch Fridays? Start-of-the-workday walking group?

I'll put it together for the first ezine in 2015. Until then, I send you warm wishes for the end of this year and the beginning of the new one.

Sherry Heuser
President, Capability Company

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One Question Survey

What does your company or organization offer as an official or unofficial benefit or advantage that makes your workplace more cheerful or interesting?

Please take a moment to answer this one-question survey. We will publish the results in our next ezine publication.

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