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Summer 2016

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Every couple of years, we are inspired by great athletes as they compete in a world arena. We know we only see brief moments of their lives, but we are mesmerized by them and their feats of strength and skill.

If you watched any of the Olympic coverage last month, you heard stories of triumph over struggle, of reaching beyond challenging childhoods, of parents sacrificing for their children, of success after heartbreaking injury and loss. These stories are touching and give depth to the athletes we watch on the screen; their efforts have more weight than the mere minutes—or even seconds—it takes to determine if they will take home a medal.

Even without the medal, though, we are reminded that they are already successful…they are Olympic athletes, a feat most of us will never accomplish. They come from all corners of the world with very different stories, but one common truth—they believed they could succeed.

So, in the spirit of the Games, let’s choose a goal for ourselves and focus on the positive thoughts described in Sherry Essig’s latest article…then get ready to celebrate our achievements.

And finally, speaking of achievements, we want to recognize the achievements of two new members of Postpartum Education and Support's staff. Megan Roberts is their new Volunteer Coordinator and Laura Riach is their new Development Manager We wish you both the best!

Boa sorte!

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Article of the Month

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Six Beliefs That Make Anything Possible

by Sherry Essig

Mindset matters. In the words of Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” Action follows thought. Without action, not much is possible. And without a belief that “you can,” why bother even taking action? Whatever your “it” is, choose to believe in yourself.

Commitment breeds success. I’ve always known I (and you) can do anything I put my mind to. I proved it to myself when I passed the CPA exam in one try and in many other ways at other times over the years. And I also have plenty of examples where I talked a good talk about what I wanted to accomplish but never did much more than dabble. It’s no surprise I wasn’t particularly successful in those cases. Whatever your dream or goal, if it’s something you genuinely, from-the-bottom-of-your-heart want, commit seriously to giving it your all.

Positive energy lifts you up and negative energy drags you down. Be intentional about the people you surround yourself with, the environment you create at home, and the places you choose to hang out.

Obstacles are made for climbing over. Life is filled with challenges. You can choose to be the person who rises up to meet them and who knows there’s more than one path to create what you want. Or you can view roadblocks as a sign that it’s just not possible. It all depends on your perspective. Please, please, please pick the first option. And speaking of obstacles …

Fear of failure is the biggest possibility killer on the planet. My biggest regrets are all about the goals and dreams I didn’t pursue out of fear. And the things I tried that didn’t work out as hoped? No regrets. Because the growth and learning that came from each of them, albeit sometimes painful, ultimately led to something good.

What you need always shows up when you pay attention … “randomly” crossing paths with a college friend who connects you to your perfect job right in the middle of your search … support from your friends in the midst of a crisis … or landing in a situation so miserable you’re finally compelled to overcome your fears and make a big change.

Bottom Line: Choose your mindset. Commit to your dreams. Surround yourself with positive energy. Climb over the obstacles you encounter. Embrace failure as part of the process. Trust that what you need will show up. When you do that, anything is possible.

Sherry Essigis an executive and life coach with over 15 years experience helping heart-centered, purpose-driven professionals who want success AND happiness and are done with settling for less. She can be reached at and you can subscribe to her free newsletter by visiting

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