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Rebecca L. Worters

Six Sources for Finding the Best Nonprofit Professionals:  Through On-line Research
By Rebecca L. Worters, President of Capability Company

You're looking for a top administrator for your nonprofit.  Do you just run employment adds and hope for the best?  Hardly.


To do an excellent search you need to research and proactively recruit candidates who have the qualifications and fit you're looking for.  But where do you find those people?  One tactic is on-line research.  Done correctly, it can help you quickly find and recruit the best candidates.


Fortunately, most information about nonprofit organizations is public.  That means you'll have to do less digging to find nonprofit candidates than corporate candidates.  Still, here are some tips that can help you find the right candidate faster:


1.  Look at like organizations' websites.  If you are looking for staff in a certain area like health, arts or environment, simply visit the websites of that type of organization to get names and phone numbers and usually e-mail addresses of staff members.  Call those people.  Even if they aren't interested they may know colleagues who are. 


2.  Associations.  The best way to target candidates for a job function, such as fundraising, is through a professional association's website.  While they won't give you names or contact information for their members, it may be an excellent venue to place a targeted classified advertisement.  Some associations allow you to search a bank of resumes for free after placing a classified ad.


3.  Niche job boards such as offer targeted advertising and allow you to enter criteria for candidates that might be a match for your position.his text can't be seen but is a spaceholder

To see the remaining three sources for finding the best nonprofit professionals, click here.


Capability Company helps nonprofits hire intelligently through: 

1.  Search services such as screening, development of a position profile and reference checking 
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2.  Recruiting services to help you find the right candidates 
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3.  Information about how to hire right the first time 
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To learn more about these services, click here. 
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4.  Highly targeted job board focused on meeting the needs of nonprofit employers.  Visit to find out more. 

Seeking  Executive Director for a Unique New Organization


Our Children's Place is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that will house women inmates of the state of North Carolina and their children through a contract with the North Carolina Department of Corrections. This facility, currently being planned, is designed to allow the children to live with their mothers in a community-based residential facility while the women serve their sentences for nonviolent offenses.


The purpose of the program is to elevate the overall wellbeing of the children and, as a secondary benefit to the children, the mothers. Our Children's Place is designed to break the intergenerational cycle of crime, substance abuse and violence that plagues these families as a result of maternal incarceration and other mitigating factors.


Our Children's Place is seeking an Executive Director who will be essential to the continued development of the planned facility and program.  A recurring grant has been secured by Our Children's Place to support a start-up annual budget of $150,000.


Capability Company, an executive search firm serving nonprofit organizations, has been retained by Our Children's Place to conduct this search.  For the complete position profile and for more information about how to apply, click here.

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