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If you'd like to greatly increase your chances for success in your job search, try informational interviews. 


Also visit where you can enter your anonymous profile.  Nonprofit employers can send you an e-mail via our system indicating their interest in you.  You then decide if you are interested in talking to the employer further.

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Rebecca L. Worters   

 Informational Interviews: Getting More than
Just Your Foot in the Door

(This article is reprinted with permission from the upcoming book, Change Your Career: Transitioning to the Nonprofit Sector by Laura Gassner Otting, available from Kaplan Publishing in May 2007)

Informational interviews can be a great boon to your job search if done well.  If done poorly, however, they can only hinder you.

Are you using them to their full potential?

In this month's article, excerpted from the upcoming book Change Your Career: Transitioning to the Nonprofit Sector, we explore not only why you should be going on informational interviews, but how to use them to your advantage to:

1.  Introduce yourself to someone who may have a job opening in the future.
2.  Learn more about the people who work at the specific nonprofit in question.
3.  Receive direction and guidance from someone who was once in your shoes.
4.  Learn a name to drop in your networking and personal connections.
5.  Gain valuable insights from an insider about trends in the sector in general, this nonprofit specifically, and the language to use to describe both.
6.  And more...

And, if that's not enough, you'll get to read about the top five "major don'ts" committed by informational interviewers every day.

Read the article . . .

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