Spring forward
by Amy Etheridge

A new job...a search for a new job; the same department...a new department with fewer or additional colleagues - on either side of the employment coin there is a way to take a fresh look at your current situation.

Whether you find yourself in the same job or in a new position, it is time to spring forward by breaking old, worn-out routines.

We are creatures of habit and our career endeavors may be no exception. Sometimes habits provide structure and a sense of continuity; other times habits are isolating and a drain on creativity and challenge. In your daily work, routine habits can put you on veritable cruise control. While safe, coasting just may lead you to boredom and job dissatisfaction.

Here are five steps to transform your habits and find contentment with what you've got:

  1. 1. Decide you will welcome change as a new adventure instead of something daunting
  2. Challenge yourself to learn at least one new skill (or improve upon one you already have) and apply what you discover to move a project forward
  3. Build a culture of inclusiveness by finding a mentor and/or being a mentor to a junior colleague
  4. Improve working conditions by collaborating with colleagues on projects
  5. Create a mastermind group of peers, colleagues or friends to meet regularly outside of the workplace to foster the creative process of brainstorming and idea generation

The spring season is a natural generator of forward thinking - a time to purposely decide to improve our lot. Why not break from old habits, make a change, learn new things and explore what interests you? Your future depends on it.

In the words of our thirty-fifth President of the USA John F. Kennedy,

"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future."

Amy Etheridge is president of Giving Leadership Opportunity (GLO), a professional resource for personal, customized nonprofit and business consulting services. GLO is committed to creating growth opportunities for organizations as they seek to achieve their missions and fulfill their community promise. Amy may be reached at Amy@GoToGLO.com or 919.521.5776.

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