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The Search Process

Hiring the right person is critical to moving your mission forward…whether you are educating others, finding a cure, promoting conservation, or enriching lives. Capability Company is unique because we dedicate our time solely to supporting searches for nonprofit organizations. Because we have extensive experience in the nonprofit world, we deliver cost-effective and timely solutions to address one of the most important challenges your organization faces—finding and hiring the best individuals.

We charge a fixed fee for our services. Because of this, we have removed the uncertainty of your expenses, clearly outlining up front what is to be charged and reducing financial surprises. You may contact us at any time without the fear of adding to the cost of the search. This approach emphasizes the value of the services and our relationship, regardless of the time it takes to accomplish the goals to your satisfaction.

Search Planning and Preparation

Capability Company works with your organization to assess needs and develop a search plan. We partner with you to identify the priority qualifications and write an accurate and compelling position profile to assist in recruiting talented and experienced professionals. Capability Company recommends outreach strategies to expand the reach of the search and market your position and organization. We are available to assist in the development of high impact, probing interview questions to help you glean the information needed to make the best hiring decision. Contracted services could include:

  • Assess organizational needs and identify recommended hiring infrastructure and process
  • Develop the search plan
  • Define and document the role including a position profile and priority qualifications
  • Develop sample interview questions
  • Recommend posting locations and develop ads

Applicant Pool Development and Ranking

Capability Company manages outreach efforts by posting ads, conducting research and prospecting within relevant fields. We review our extensive database of professionals and tap our network of contacts to identify potential candidates most likely to be qualified and interested in your organization. If you are interested in having your information added to our database for future consideration, please email us with your resume. Applications for posted searches should be submitted as instructed at the end of each posting.

Capability Company receives, reviews, and categorizes applications based on your priorities. We present to you a report with the results, discuss our assessment and answer any questions related to the process or individuals. This could include:

  • Post ads in external locations as recommended
  • Post search information on Capability Company website and/or in eblast
  • Conduct database search of past and current applicants and contacts
  • Establish application email address at Capability Company and receive resumes
  • Review received applications based on identified priority qualifications and categorize applicants using assessment matrix

Candidate Evaluation

Capability Company collaborates with you to identify and screen the top candidates for further consideration. Upon your selection of the best candidate, we are available for consultation during the interview process, additional due diligence, and offer negotiations. This could include:

  • Discuss applicant rankings with search committee or hiring manager
  • Notify applicants of their status and release those not in consideration
  • Conduct in-depth screenings for top 3 candidates selected from applicant pool
  • Provide consultation on interview process (scheduling candidates, preparing the interview team)
  • Contact 3 references for top candidate
  • Negotiate offer package
  • Release candidates not offered the position

“Sherry helped me, an executive director of a small nonprofit, efficiently and effectively recruit for an open position. Sherry provided the guidance and support I needed throughout the entire process. She developed a recruiting and screening strategy that allowed us to stay focused on our needs. I dreaded recruiting for our open position because we have so few resources, but having Sherry involved gave me the bandwidth to focus on our mission, while searching for the right candidate. The result—a top notch hire!”

Ann Lassiter, Executive Director
HD Reach