Starting Fresh in the New Year...

Is that for real?

We all start the New Year with the idea that this year things will be different--whether it’s a new job, a relationship or a promise to take better care of ourselves.

Why January 1st?  Psychologically it’s always been known as a time for new beginnings.  The idea is that you can put your mistakes and failures behind you and soar confidently into success. 

Isn’t the idea so appealing?  We can be done with all the yicky stuff in the past: the argument, the things left undone, extra pounds put on.

But the truth is that there’s no such thing as a new year, and that NOW is all there is.  The idea of the New Year focuses on two illusions:  1—the past and 2—the future.  When really, your presence in this very moment—yes THIS one—determines your experience completely.  When you “set aside” the past and promise to “do better” in the future, you’re covering everything except the moment that’s most important, the NOW. 

So for this year’s starting fresh, pay attention to the present.  Living with a sense of presence and excitement can happen in every moment, not just on New Year’s Day.

Written by Rebecca Worters

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